Michael Oruch


Michael Oruch is Zero Balancing teacher, practitioner and artist living in New York City. He has taught Zero Balancing in the U.S. and internationally since 1997. He has also taught painting at Northwestern University and Qigong at New York University.

Michael believes Zero Balancing is a vehicle for health, wellness and positive change both personally and collectively. He was inspired to teach ZB after years of study and tutelage with Dr. Fritz Smith, the founder of Zero Balancing, and many years of studying Qigong. He continues to study Tai Chi, Liu he ba fa, Qigong, and the occasional yoga class. He believes ZB can help the practitioner to more present and clear in the world with themselves and each person they contact.

One client said after her first ZB with Michael …”wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone had a ZB.”  He couldn’t agree more.

Michael is the developer of three  Zero Balancing classes:  'ZB Form & Fulcrums', 'The 15 Minute ZB', and  'ZB Fields & Fulcrums'. ‘Zero Balancing Form and Fulcrums – the Art of Engagement’ utilizes Qigong principles to find optimal body position and extreme mindfulness while practicing ZB. Michael also has created two Zero Balancing training DVD's:  'ZB Protocol Review', and ' The Fifteen Minute  ZB.’

Each year Michael joins Dr. Smith in Mexico to co-teach ‘The Natural Bridges of Zero Balancing’ and in Chicago to co-teach ‘The Art of ZB” at Mercy Hospital. Periodically, they also co-teach ‘The Art of ZB’ in New York City.

Michael has served on the ZB Board of Directors since 1997 where he is president. He is also a Mentor Faculty Advisor, has co-led ZB teacher trainings, and serves on various committees.

"Michael Oruch is an inspiring and insightful teacher and practitioner of Zero Balancing."

Elizabeth Zenger LAC Portland OR

Michael is available for classes, sessions, lectures and tutorials. 


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